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Exciting Changes to Our Program

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EquipGirl is located in the beautiful hill country of Bandera, Texas. We are a 7 day overnight, all girls' summer camp. Girls ages 6-14
EquipGirl offers great camp activities including a junior olympic swimming pool, rock climbing wall, GaGa ball pits, basketball court, game rooms, sand volleyball court,  football/soccer field, paintball field, and much more! 

Each camp is called a "session".
Each unique camp or "session" has exciting reoccurring events along with a specific theme for the session
Read more about our program below!

EquipGirl Themes

Every session of EquipGirl begins with a fun theme that accents our teaching program...Making each week of EquipGirl's program unique.
With the session's theme, comes one central fun event that the girls do. In the past, EquipGirl has hosted: "San Antonio Silver Stars Game Night", "50's Sock-Hop", "Country-Festival", "70's Disco-Roller Rink", "Colorful Outdoor Banquet", "Carnival", "Medieval Princess", "Victorian Tea-Party", "Grand Masquerade Ball" and many, many more. Girls design and make costumes for these events and even participate in making food and desserts. The unique theme for the week runs side by side with EquipGirl's popular staple events and activities. See below for a few... 


EquipGirl Highlights

The EquipGirl Fashion Show

The Fashion show is what many campers may call “the main event” at every EquipGirl session. Girls of all types, sizes, personalities, and styles, will find something to model here. During the week, the girls will meet with a personal fashion assistant to help them design and collaborate on their runway outfit. The girls will also learn to understand how to dress for their body shape and size while maintaining fun, modesty, and poise. It is our goal that each camper leaves the camp with a refreshed and exciting view of fashion and clothing and how they can apply dressing well to their lives.

The Fashion show occurs on the last day of camp for an audience of family and friends. The entire staff is there to help the girls get ready for their big walk on the runway. At EquipGirl, we strive to help every girl develop self confidence and realize their individual beauty, and we tailor our fashion show to meet this goal.


ChicKombat is arguably the best, and most "covert" event at EquipGirl.
Many campers eagerly wait for this event and have even referred to ChicKombat as the event “they come to EquipGirl for”… We can’t tell you much about it, as only those who have experienced it are privy to the sheer tour-de-force of ChicKombat...
We will say this, if you see an EquipGirl wearing an “I survived ChicKombat” shirt, you best beware of her strength! ChicKombat is designed to build character like teamworking skills, leadership and confidence while having an adventure for the well-rounded girl. 


Our Paintball field is a blast! Staged on a widespread field, the campers have ability to find shelter in the many areas and obstacles created. This is a great event for campers to face fears and learn team building.
Paintball is one of the optional activities at camp. Safety is of the highest concern at EquipGirl. Paintball is carefully monitored, and girls are given protective gear.

The Karaoke Show!

The Karaoke Show is a huge and "over the top" drama event at EquipGirl! The show is a mix of dressing up, games, music, dancing and Karaoke, hosted by the EquipGirl M.C.'s.
The EquipGirl M.C.'s (staff) take the stage and present short comedic skits, games, dance-offs and sing-a-longs for the campers between their own acts. This event gives a chance to each child to break out of their comfort zone and sing and dance. The M.C.'s are there to entertain and aid the girls in letting their light shine. Campers may bring their own music for this event or choose from our large selection when they get here. Contact the camp for more information.


Movie Night and
Hide and Seek Adventure

Every year we host a “sleepover” style movie night where the girls can grab their sleeping bags and either sit outside or inside our gym to watch a movie together. There are movie-style refreshments served and treats abundant.
EquipGirl always chooses age appropriate movies, contact the office with any questions.

The EquipGirl Hide and Seek Games have become legendary! Another optional activity at camp, this night game is a new spin on an age-old kid tradition. As with all activities, it is EquipGirl style! It is one of the most requested events every year at camp. 

Camp-Fire Dinner

Part of the EquipGirl experience is learning to enjoy the outdoors. One special night at the end of the camp’s session the girls gather around and eat a home-cooked camp fire dinner.
After the camp fire dinner, the girls join in singing songs, roasting marshmallows, having a heart to heart talk time, and enjoying the night air!

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