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Our Team



Several are also on staff at our private Christian school Vanguard Institute that has been educating and building character in youth for over 35 years. Our staff also works in other programs in our ministry here at Christian Character Ministries. EquipGirl staff is comprised of women from many different walks of life all joining together to inspire girls to be with confidence the person God created them to be.
Junior staff members are chosen and invited by the senior staff at EquipGirl. These young ladies may submit requests or simply be invited by EG. Most have previously been through the EquipGirl program or the Vanguard program. All must show themselves to be Christian examples of high character and integrity.
EquipGirl takes the issue of choosing our staff very seriously and only volunteers that we have known well for a substantial period of time are considered. EquipGirl has a few men on staff that come in only to help with the paintball and rappelling and ChicKombat activities.
These men are husbands of our senior staff, and they are also part of the senior staff at our school, our church, and our boys’ summer program, Camp Shield and co-ed program Camp Covenant. They have been working with our youth programs for 20+ years; and like our women staff members, they have dedicated their lives to being an example for youth to safely follow. All volunteers are background checked each year.
Parents are more than welcome to meet our senior staff by visiting the Vanguard campus where we work with families and youth every day. Please contact us anytime to set up an appointment and even tour the campus.

The senior staff at EquipGirl has been working and ministering together for decades.
Read a letter from our founder, and camp director, here.
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