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Equipgirl's Tools

EquipGirl will help every girl develop more confidence with her own image. Our professional and experienced staff will hold a personal consultation with each girl to decide best colors, hairstyles, and clothing for body types. This staff will also instruct the girls on techniques to better their appearance including lessons on make-up application, hairstyling skills, proper skin care, and appropriate wardrobe. Girls will be taught posture and poise and how to carry themselves confidently in different situations. They will be given basic tools for entertaining and cooking and tools in manners, etiquette, and communication skills. Our professional medical staff will teach female health issues. In addition, Girls will learn how much their thinking and choices affect their health. EquipGirl believes that outward beauty and polish may speak loudly in first appearances, but it is character that determines ones success in all areas. Character dictates the direction and the impact that one has on the world.

Polished Life Skills

EquipGirl takes this issue very seriously. We ask the questions, Can you think of anything that you dont have to think about?  
Thinking is the source and root of all opportunity in our lives.  How we process our thoughts, how we judge thoughts to be true or false, and how we choose a belief system in life determines who we are and can become.  This is vital. The statistics are showing that poor thinking plays  a major role in a majority of all physical and mental illness.  EquipGirl will demonstrate how thoughts incorrectly processed will negatively affect our physical, mental and spiritual health.  We will teach the girls the correct way to process information and cause them to be aware of the importance of this process.

Thinking Skills

EquipGirls camp format allows our staff to teach by instruction and example the importance of quality fun and joy in life.  Girls are sent many mixed messages about this issue today.  Consequently, in a sincere desire for enjoyment and fulfillment in life, they are faced with a dilemma of which FUN avenue to explore. Many of these avenues do not lead to lasting enjoyment and can be very detrimental to girls and their futures. EquipGirl purposes to give girls the tools to have real fun and enjoyment that will have a positive impact on their lives and futures.

Authentic Fun

EquipGirl believes that all girls have the ability to have confidence and leadership skills. These are not gifts in life but are skills to be acquired. EquipGirl will give the tools necessary for self-confidence. We will incorporate Christian leadership training together with team-working skills in every aspect of our program.

Leadership Training

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