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Tricia Parker

Equipgirl Founder and Director

Dear Friends,

I have been listening to influential voices today tell our girls that they do not have the power to make good decisions. This false information is proving to be detrimental, and the philosophy of the day is turning out unfulfilled lives.
Our girls are sent mixed messages and pulled in many different directions. In the middle of this confusion, how can they find the truth and make good decisions?

I have worked with youth of all ages for 25 years and been a director of women's ministry for several years. I have watched teens make impetuous even destructive decisions and seen the pain that it brings to their futures. I have listened as women pour out their hearts about the effects of decisions made in youth. So many people are living the rest of their lives dealing with the wounds and results of poor thinking and decision making from childhood.

But what if we could give girls the information they need to make better decisions early in life? What if they had the tools to process life the right way, to overcome any obstacle or challenge that came at them, and to face the issues of the day with answers that give them the power to stand for truth and lead? 

This is why we started EquipGirl back in 2008! 


What is EquipGirl?

Every year, we design a unique program for each session of camp. Our staff is skilled in working with kids as we have 2 other camps and a private Christian school along with other programs in our ministry. We put together 7 days of teaching and fun. I watch each summer as nervous and insecure girls show up the first day of camp wondering if they will have fun and make friends. By the time the first night of camp is over, they are relaxed, having fun, and already in a group of girls making friends. Our staff works hard to create a relaxed, family atmosphere where kids know they are safe and can lay down all of the pretense and just be themselves. We teach the girls how to get along with all age groups, create a positive peer "pressure," and interact with adults correctly. The program helps them understand how life works, where feelings come from and how to deal with them correctly, how to think through issues to find the truth, and how to stand with courage for what is right. Christian leadership, apologetics, life skills, character building, authentic confidence- these are issues covered at campOur Who Am I? program deals with the big life questions and gives answers that work in the real world. We are looking for girls who are really searching for answers. 

EquipGirl is an amazing summer camp adventure. Our program is unique. We have something for everyone from the girly girl to the tomboy. All of our activities are designed to build confidence and encourage the girls, teach life skills, and have FUN! We have found through the years that so many girls do not see themselves as having any beauty. While this is not an important attribute for finding happiness, it is life changing for girls to feel attractive. Our EG Fashion Show and other activities help them to overcome some of their body issues and fears and build confidence while exposing the mixed messages, lies, and pressure that our culture is sending them about beauty. ChicKombat is a fun event that teaches girls how to work together, to enjoy the outdoors, and just have fun! Girls can even choose to play night paintball games, build base camps, rappell and rockwall climb, compete in a scavenger hunt, play strategy games and so much more!! It is a surprise each year. EquipGirl themed parties at each session have had the girls doing something unique to prepare each time from designing and making their own ball gowns for a Ball to creating their own team square dances for a Western Hoedown. Each year is different and FUN! Karaoke night deals with one of the biggest fears that even adults have - stage fright! We work with the girls to overcome their fears, and we create an atmosphere that encourages that bravery so much so that by the end of the night, just about every girl -if not all- gets up on stage to sing. These are just a few of the activities at EquipGirl.

Camp is the perfect place for kids to have life-changing experiences because they are out of their normal environment and their hearts are open to learn. Let me encourage you to consider EquipGirl for your daughter. I have had so many parents and former EquipGirl campers come back to say that our camp made such a difference in their lives. Many of our campers come back when they are older to be Jr Staffers to pass on the experience to younger girls. I talk to countless parents each year who tell me the challenges their children are facing. As a parent of a girl, I know the importance of having a community of people and places around her to reinforce the good information and instruction she is getting at home. I pray that we can be that support for you. Please contact me anytime with questions or thoughts. Our ministry here is dedicated to following God and making a difference in our world for Him. We would love for your family to be a part of ours! God bless you.

Tricia Parker 
EquipGirl Founder and Director

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